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Savings for Kids and Teens

Kids & Teen Savings

Give your child the savings habit
Open A Youth Account

Effective Date as of 06/01/2024

Cub Savings


% APY*

as high as

Cubby Certificate


% APY*

as high as

Ready. Set. Go!

A Cub Account for your child can be set up in as little as 2 minutes:

Open a CUB account

Fun activities!

Get creative with The Berenstain Bears® Coloring Pages

Coloring Pages

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It’s easy to open a savings account once you become a PFCU member.


I’m already a member

Three easy steps to open additional deposit accounts:

Open a Youth account

Kids & Teen Savings Accounts

Set your youngsters and teens up for a life of financial independence, smart spending and even smarter saving. Children under 17 can become a member, so why not introduce them to the savings habit today? To open an account be sure to have their Social Security Number and a copy of their birth certificate handy.

  • Just $5.00 minimum to open and maintain to earn interest
  • No monthly fees
  • Free eStatements and Online Banking 
  • Easy to set up and earn interest
  • Free financial education
  • Free college planning resources to help students and parents prepare for a successful journey

Effective as of 06/01/2024*

Kids & Teen Savings Accounts

AccountDividend rateAPY*
Cub Savings10.15%0.15%
Cubby Certificate24.89%5.00%
iPlus Youth Savings0.15%0.15%
iProsper Teen Savings Savings0.15%0.15%
Open a Youth account

Cub Account (newborn – 10 years old)

Super money powers for little superheroes.

We’ve teamed up with the Berenstain Bears® to help teach children the money management concepts of Save, Share, Spend and Earn. Our Cub Account members can earn a great rate of 5.00% APY2 on the 12-month Cubby Certificate as a reward for saving their money with PFCU.

Every year your child will receive a birthday present and quarterly newsletter in their inbox or mailbox! Plus, inside their welcome sling bag, they’ll receive: 

  • A special Cub Account Membership Card
  • A copy of The Berenstain Bears® Visit the Credit Union book
  • Berenstain Bears® Piggy Bank (at branch only)
  • Fun bookmark
  • Coloring pages & pencils
Open a Youth account

iPlus Youth Savings Account (11-12 years old)

For future financial independence.

A regular savings habit is one of the best starts in life you can have. It’s one of the first big steps towards helping you to make important decisions and plan for your future. Little by little, you can watch your money grow!

  • $5.00 minimum to open
  • Free eStatements and free Online Banking
Open a Youth account

iProsper Teen Account (13-17 years old)

Be money savvy.

Save your pocket money or anything you earn from your part-time job. Then manage your money on your terms. Comes with a Visa debit card so you can learn how to budget and spend wisely.


  • $5.00 minimum to open
  • Access to your funds with a free Visa debit card
  • Free direct deposit

Free Interest Plus Checking

  • No minimum balance to maintain
  • Earn interest with a minimum balance of $500
  • Free Online and Mobile Banking with mobile deposit
  • Access funds with a free Visa debit card at ATMs and Point-of Sales (POS) machines3
Open a Youth account

Thank you for making the whole process so easy and less stressful!

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