Financial Wellness

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Are you ready to lead a life of Financial Wellness?

Providence Federal Credit Union is committed to helping our members and their families achieve financial wellness. That means we are committed to educating you and providing the tools for you to educate yourself. We are committed to helping you create clarity and calm with a budget, to providing you low-cost financing options, to giving you valuable and free advice that will help you feel better and do better financially. At Providence Federal Credit Union, we take your financial health seriously, because you deserve to receive the high-quality care that Providence is known for. 

 Explore our financial wellness tools below. 


Financial Coaching

Schedule a one-on-one financial coaching session with one of our credit union certified financial counselors. Get help with debt repayment, credit repair, improving your plan and more. 


Hot Topics in Finance

In fashion, one day you’re in, and the next, you’re out. The same is true in finance. Click through to “This Week” to find out what hot topics are “in” today.  


Workshops & Webinars

There's nothing like learning directly from the experts. Find out when you can attend an upcoming workshop or webinar, and access previously recorded content. 


Education & Tools

Getting your finances on the right track doesn’t have to be difficult. Learn how to do it with our online education platform, MoneyEdu. Use the online tools to ease your way as you build a budget, calculate loan interest, and plan for your financial future. 


Caregiver Loan 

The furnace goes out, your car needs repairs, an unexpected medical bill comes up. Whatever the situation, our Caregiver loan can help you handle life's little surprises today while giving you the time and flexibility you need to prepare for tomorrow. 


Loan Consolidation

Reduce your monthly payment, total interest paid, or both through a loan consolidation. Our financial experts pride themselves on finding creative solutions to save you money and time. 

At Providence Federal Credit Union, we take your financial wellness seriously. That’s why we provide educational resources, valuable financial tools, and direct access to financial coaching. You deserve to feel less anxiety about your finances. You deserve support to help you seize opportunities and achieve your financial goals.  And, you deserve the high-quality care for which Providence is known.