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FAQ Category: UDW
  • Who is Providence Federal Credit Union (PFCU)?

    We’re a not-for-profit financial cooperative originally created for Providence healthcare employees and their families based in Oregon. Since 1962, we’ve been creating and designing products and services specifically for healthcare professionals, their families, and partners. We’re more than just a place to put your money, deposit your checks or take out a loan (though we…

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  • What makes PFCU different?

    We’re grateful to be a part of a community committed to helping those in need, especially when they’re the very people who provide essential services to our communities. For 60 years, our members and employees have volunteered their time and donated their money to serve local organizations including Camp Erin, Kells Green Rain Event, Oregon Food…

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  • Why should a UDW member join PFCU?

    We’re excited to partner with UDW, another not-for-profit organization rooted in understanding the needs and wants of care workers. The care industry and community share a lot in common with the spirit of credit unions – people helping people! PFCU and UDW put members first. Both of us lead by example: to ensure our members…

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  • How do UDW members sign up for a PFCU account?

    For many care workers, working long hours can make it hard to stay on top of their finances, so we’ve made it easy to join the Credit Union. You don’t even have to leave the house! Simply enter your Last Name and UDW Member ID into the form on the sidebar of the UDW page…

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  • Will every UDW member qualify?

    If you or your family are a UDW member, staff, or retiree member you may be eligible to join PFCU. We will do everything we can to have you join PFCU. We want to ensure more care workers have access to affordable interest loans, higher savings yields, lower fees, and financial advice. Everyone’s case is…

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