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Make A Loan Payment

Five easy ways to make your loan payment safely and securely

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Make a Loan Payment

When you’re with PFCU, you’re part of something bigger.

That’s why we offer payment flexibility like no other. See our five loan repayment options below and choose the one that best suits your unique lifestyle.

online banking payment

1. Online Banking

Login through online banking to transfer your payments monthly or set up automatic recurring transfers.
transfer payment

2. Another Institution (FREE)

Transfer funds from another financial institution using our free ACH (Automated Clearing House) payment system.
payment by mail

3. U.S. Mail

Send a check by mail if you prefer. Please include your Member Account Number and Loan Number on your check.
payment by phone

4. Phone
($10 fee applies)

Call us during normal business hours to pay.
payment by debit or credit card

5. Debit or Credit Card
($6 fee applies)

Use our Debit or Credit Card processing form.

1. Pay Using PFCU Online Banking (free)

Want to automatically pay your loan using funds from your PFCU Checking or Savings account? Simply register for our free online banking service. With your online banking login, it’s quick and easy to transfer your payments monthly or set up automatic recurring transfers. Remember, you can check your loan balance, sign up for e-statements, send us secure messages 24/7, and more through online banking and our mobile banking app.

External ACH Account

You can transfer money between your PFCU accounts and other financial institutions once an external account has been verified. This free service is called Automated Clearing House or ACH. To set up an external ACH account, log into your online banking, select Move Money in the dashboard, then select Manage Destinations. and click Add External Account.

Login to Online Banking Enroll in online banking

2. Transfer Funds from Another Financial Institution (free)

Pay your loan by transferring funds from another financial institution using our free Automated Clearing House or ACH service.

Complete an ACH Origination Form to go to our secure site, where you can complete an ACH Origination Application and digitally sign the form. This allows PFCU to set up automatic payments from the financial institution you choose.

If you prefer, you can share your PFCU loan information with your other financial institution. Then, ask them to set up an automatic payment for you.

NOTE: Please allow up to 10 business days to set up ACH payments. Be sure to double-check your loan due date to give enough time for your transfer to process.

3. Mail Your Payment (free)

If you prefer to make your payments by mail, please send a check and include your Member Account Number and Loan Number.

NOTE: Please be sure to include those numbers on all your checks. This information allows us to post your payment promptly.

Mail your payment to:

Providence Federal Credit Union
6400 SE Lake Road, Suite 125
Milwaukie, OR 97222

4. Pay by Phone ($10 fee applies)

You can call us at (503) 215-6090 to pay your loan by phone during normal business hours. There is a $10 fee to use this service.

5. Make A One-time Monthly Payment with A Debit or Credit Card ($6 fee applies)

If you’re looking for a no-hassle way to pay, you’ll be delighted to hear that you can now pay your PFCU loan online using your debit or credit card* (a $6 fee applies). This fee helps to cover transactional costs incurred by the Credit Union. If you’d like to avoid a fee, please consider the three FREE payment options listed above.

How to pay with a debit or credit card:

  1. Review the payment disclosure below. The maximum loan payment is $3,500.
  2. Click “Make A Payment” below and pay your monthly loan online anytime, 24/7. (Note: Your payment will authorize immediately on your card, and post to your Providence loan within two [2] business days).

PFCU Terms & Conditions

Debit or credit card payment disclosure:

By clicking “Make A Payment,” I understand that I am submitting an online payment to the Providence Federal Credit Union (PFCU) loan I herein specify, and I agree to the following:

  • This payment method is for monthly loan payments only, not for principal loan reductions or account deposits. A maximum payment amount of $3,500 applies.
  • I authorize PFCU to initiate a charge on my debit or credit card in the amount I request, plus a fee of $6.00.
  • I acknowledge that I am responsible for entering the correct payment amount and Credit Union Member Account Number and that PFCU may rely wholly upon the information I provide.  
  • There is a sufficient balance on my debit card to pay the requested payment plus the fee and I agree that PFCU is not liable for any overdraft or insufficient funds charges (including, but not limited to, NSF Fees or finance charges) caused by my failure to maintain funds sufficient to pay the payment amount I request.
  • I understand that the holder of my debit or credit card may charge cash advance fees for this transaction, and it is my responsibility to be aware of and to pay any such applicable fees.
  • I understand that the online payment will be authorized immediately on my card and credited to my PFCU loan within two (2) business days.
Make a payment

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, you can skip up to 30 days of payments, allowing you to free up money for unexpected expenses. There is a $30 fee per loan that you skip and by skipping your payment, you will extend the term of your loan. Fill out our Skip-A-Pay Coupon Form to get started.

You can determine your loan payoff amount in Online Banking or your Mobile Banking App. When logged in, go to “More Services” then “Loan Payoff Amount.”

Alternatively you can contact one of our Member Service Representatives at (503) 215-6090, or visit one of our branches.

Yes! You can call us at (503) 215-6090 to pay your loan by phone during normal business hours. There is a $10 fee to use this service.

Monthly payments can vary based on the loan rate, how much you borrow, and your FICO score. 

You can also check out our loan calculators for more help. 

To make a loan payment from Online Banking or your Providence FCU Mobile App, go to the “Money” tab where you can transfer your payments manually or set up automatic recurring transfers. You can also set up external accounts to make payments to other financial institutions.

Yes. However, we don’t typically provide that information to 3rd parties without authorization to release. Please Contact Us to speak with a Member Service Representative regarding your loan payoff.

If you are late on a loan payment you will be charged a late fee. For exact pricing, please see our Fee Schedule on our Rates page.

We got both auto loans from Providence which beat all the rates in the entire nation, from banks to credit unions. I am a shopper and clearly Providence was a step above all.

Amalaraja s. | Member SINCE 2021
Amalaraja s.

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