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How do I set up Google Pay?

Google Pay is here to provide security, ease, and convenience to your everyday life. Now, you can leave your wallet safe at home and access your money from your phone wherever contactless payments are accepted. Follow the steps below to add your Providence Federal Credit Union card to your Android phone:

  • Open the Google Pay app. If you have multiple accounts in Google Pay:
    • Tap Menu at the top left
    • Tap the down arrow
    • Choose an account
  • At the bottom, tap Payment then Add
  • Select Credit or debit card
  • You can either use your phone camera to capture your card in or type it in yourself
  • You may be asked to verify your payment method. If so, choose an option from the list
  • Find and enter the verification code

If you would like to add Google Pay to an iPhone or computer, visit the Add a Payment Method page.

After you add a card, you might see a small charge on your account from Google Pay. This charge just confirms that your card and account are valid. However, it won’t affect your balance and will disappear. And that’s it. You’re ready to pay with Google Pay!