St Vincent Remodel

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We made several changes to offer a more convenient, personalized banking expirence, including:

24/7 Access

When St. Vincent reopens, it will never close again. Simply swipe your Providence FCU debit or credit card to unlock the door after hours. Interactive teller machines and Smart Lockers (covered below) will be available 24/7. 

Private Consultation Rooms

The new St. Vincent branch will feature private rooms for one-on-one assistance and financial consultation. 

Smart Lockers

If you need to pick up a new card or a paper document outside of business hours, Smart Lockers make it simple. Simply tell us what you need, and we’ll let you know when it’s in your locker, ready to be picked up.    

Interactive Teller Machines (ITMs)

ITMs combine the convenience of an ATM with live support from a real person. Our ITMs connect you via video to a Providence FCU teller, who can help with a range of tasks that regular ATMs can’t perform, from cashing a check to opening an account. 

Traditional ATM

orange-check.png   Withdraw Cash

orange-check.png   Make a Deposit

orange-check.png   Transfer Funds

orange-check.png   Check Account Balances

ITM & Interactive Space Add-Ons

orange-check.png   Open a New Savings or Checking Account

orange-check.png   Cash Checks

orange-check.png   Open a New Loan or Line of Credit

orange-check.png   Make a Loan Payment

orange-check.png   Get a Cashier's Check

orange-check.png   Manage Account Settings


What is an Interactive Teller Machine (ITM)?

ITMs look similar to ATMs and can do everything an ATM can do plus what was typically only available at a branch – human beings. ITMs provide more personalized financial service through interactive video conferencing with real-life tellers to complete transactions. 

What can an ITM do?

ITMs allow members to talk directly to a teller through a video screen to process ATM transactions plus a few more such as:

  • Cash and deposit checks

  • Make loan payments

  • Get cashier’s checks

Why is Providence FCU using an ITM?

Our focus has always been to provide convenient, accessible financial service to our members. We recognized the need for financial support after hours at our St. Vincent location, as well as the opportunity to expand that service to include more personal, in-depth financial support that is typically only available in-person at a branch. ITMs give us the ability to merge the best of worlds; providing immediate transactions while meeting members face-to-face at the St. Vincent location.  

Are the ITM video tellers and Interactive Services Center member service representatives Providence FCU employees? 

All interactive tellers and member service representatives are Providence FCU employees. The only difference is that they are co-located at our Milwaukie office to support all financial needs remotely. They receive the same training and meet the same privacy requirements as our in-branch tellers and member service representatives. 

For sensitive financial needs, can I have a private conversation with a member service representative? 

Definitely. This was a key reason we decided to remodel the St. Vincent location. ITMs are great for day-to-day transactions. The St. Vincent location is a single-use booth after hours that provides the privacy for members to discuss sensitive or broader financial needs with a member service representative. 

Are these remote, digital transactions secure?

Absolutely. When using an ITM, transactions are just as secure as those conducted in-person with tellers or member service representatives inside one of our branches.

How soon do deposits, withdrawals or payments show up on my account?

Immediately. ITM transactions are just as efficient and quick as in-branch transactions. While ATM transactions are also quick to appear in your account, with an interactive teller or member service representative, you can always ask about changes to your account or for confirmation of the transaction.