Financial Consultants

Financial Consultants - Understanding and achieve your financial goals


All members of Providence Federal Credit Union enjoy access to our complimentary financial consulting service offered by Ryan Beardmore of Beardmore Consulting. Ryan is full of useful information, and he works one-on-one with members to help you develop a budget and stay on track,  reduce debt, save for the future, improve your credit score and prepare for life’s little surprises.

Ryan specializes in helping members to:

  • Face their finances with open eyes
  • Develop healthy financial habits and routines
  • Pay down debt more quickly
  • Build a savings plan
  • Handle major life changes such as purchasing your first home, getting married, having a baby or losing a loved one
  • Discuss whether bankruptcy is the right move or not
  • Time major purchases to get the best deals
  • Lower banking fees
  • Read and analyze your credit report to ensure its accuracy, dispute incorrect items and raise your credit score

You can also click here for your Personal Money Management Workbook. 


Ready to get some professional help? Contact Ryan at (800) 940-5009, x701, or via email to Ryan Beardmore to set up an appointment or web conference.