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You know that better choices are important when it comes to maintaining environmental health. They are also important for maintaining your personal financial health, and Providence Federal Credit Union is passionate about providing better choices for your caregivers.

Why worry about employees’ personal financial health?

According to a 2016 article from the Society for Human Resource Management, employees are stressed about debt, saving for retirement, paying for children’s education, and even paying for basic living expenses. This finance-related stress negatively impacts job performance as stressed employees experience more health problems, have trouble focusing, and demonstrate increased absenteeism and tardiness (Miller, 2016).

How can you help?

You can help your caregivers reduce stress, take control of their finances, and have fun doing it by scheduling a visit from the credit union. We regularly visit hospitals, clinics, and other ministries to help staff with issues like repairing damaged credit, lowering payments or interest rates on loans (many folks don’t realize they can refinance any loan), saving for college and retirement, and making it easy to manage finances day-to-day so they can focus on what they do best - exceptional patient care. 

What does a visit from the credit union look like?

Because every location is different, we offer several formats for our site visits, and we always bring freebies and snacks to make it fun and engaging:

  • Lunch ‘n’ learns – pick from our 30-minute seminars (ex. Managing Your Budget). We’ll even buy lunch for your staff (minimum of 5 attendees) 
  • Staff Meeting Presentations – 5-10 minutes to cover hot financial topics (think Equifax)
  • Break or Conference Room Onsites – we work with staff on a walk-in basis 
  • One-on-one Visits – either scheduled or “first-come, first-served,” one-on-one meetings are great for discussing difficult topics like credit rehabilitation and collections.

How do you schedule a visit?

Contact Business Development, to set up an event at your location:

By email at Business Development 

We look forward to helping your caregivers reduce stress and take control of their financial health today!