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At Providence Federal Credit Union, we believe empowering members with the tools and resources to make smart financial decisions is a critical component to living a healthier financial life. With their years of experience in the financial industry, our Financial Coaches are here to provide a customized experience for you that will support your financial goals. 

We are proud to have these individuals on our team and they look forward to the opportunity to serve your financial needs. Meet our coaches, then, schedule some time to share your goals and get started with building a strong plan – we’re always here for you. 

Meet Our CU Certified Financial Counselor 

acecka.png  Andrew Cecka | | 503.513.8776

Andrew Cecka is a Certified Credit Union Financial Counselor and Business Development Officer at Providence Federal Credit Union. He has a bachelor’s degree in Economics and has been in the financial industry for over fifteen years. He has broad knowledge of the financial industry thanks to his experience with banking, insurance, investments, and real estate, all of which he held licenses for in the past. He has a true passion for finding the meaning behind the numbers and making the financial world less opaque to all around him. In his free time, Andrew enjoys playing drums, working on his wife’s flower farm, and spending time with his friends and family.