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Kids Accounts - A penny saved is a penny earned. It's so true.



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Features and Benefits


Cub Account (Newborn - 10 years old)


We are excited about our exclusive partnership with the creators of The Berenstain Bears®. Teaming up with the popular children’s characters will help us teach the money management concepts: Save, Share, Spend & Earn.

Opening this Cub Account for your child delivers the added special gift of membership for life at Providence FCU. Your child now has a financial partner to help navigate them through all stages of life.

Providence FCU believes teaching concepts of wise money management and saving at an early age yields financially responsible adults. It is our hope you join with us in helping your child lay the foundation for making smart financial decisions.

Cub Account Features:

Welcome Sling Bag

Piggy Bank

The Berenstain Bears® Visit the Credit Union book


Coloring Pages

Box of Colored Pencils


Birthday Present


Open A Cub Account

Become a Cub Member today and join the Providence FCU family. Open your account online now or stop by any Providence FCU branch to get started.

Parents: To open a Cub Account for your child, please bring their social security card and copy of birth certificate.

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