We're a not-for-profit financial cooperative for Providence employees, retirees and their families. When you become a member, you don't just get better rates and lower fees—you get personal service like you won't find anywhere else.


At Providence Federal Credit Union we know that success is a result of our exceptional employees. Our respect for these individuals motivates us to provide staff with opportunities for professional development, as well as a competitive salary and a generous benefits package.


Holiday Closures

We take breaks every once in a while too. 


Disclosures & Forms

We know. Disclosures and Forms are not the most interesting pages to read, but they are oh so important. We recommend you print and retain copies of these documents for your records. 

Serving on the Board

If you would like to be considered for next year's elections or other volunteer opportunities, we would still like to hear from you. While it is infrequent, there are occasions where an opening on the Board of Directors occurs between annual elections and the nominating committee will review possible candidates on file for appointment until the next annual election. Also, there are a variety of volunteer committees that contribute to the success and leadership of Providence FCU (including our Supervisory Committee and periodic community focus groups).